Candy Momoko

Freelance Digital Artist


Hi! I'm Momo and I like to create cute illustrations!
Since I was a child I enjoyed watching animated shows on tv and started drawing for fun. I stopped for a long time but two years ago i decided to start again, this time digitally.
I studied concept art for a year and now I dedicate as much time as I can to continue developing my art skills.

Thank you so much for checking out my art ✧・゚: ✧・゚:(❁´ ◡` ❁):・゚✧:・゚✧



♥ If you (the client) commission me (the artist) you automatically agree to these terms of service, so please give them a read before contacting me!
♥ If you fail to follow any of my T.O.S. or chargeback, I reserve the right to terminate or cancel current projects and refuse future work with you.
♥ My commissions are for your personal use, not for commercial use. With the exception of twitch emotes or unless agreed upon on a case by case basis.
♥ By commissioning me you are purchasing a digital good and it will be delivered in a digital file, it will NOT be shipped to a physical address.
♥ No refunds unless there’s a reason I cannot finish your piece.
♥ If after reading the full terms you have questions, feel free to contact me and ask me about it.


♥ USD is the only money currency I’ll accept through Paypal invoice.
♥ If you wish to support me but can't affor a commission or want to send a small donation use my ko-fi link.


♥ You must fill the provided form.
♥ You must provide clear reference pictures. I won’t draw from text and I’m not offering design commissions at the moment. If possible include multiple angles (front, sides or 3/4 and back) + a face close up. Make sure to include close ups of any details you don’t want me to miss. The more the better.
♥ After receiving your form I will let you know if I require more information or if everything is ok and if I accept your commission or not.
♥ I reserve the right to decline any commission request if I don’t think I could provide good results. However, I do offer experimental pieces, but order this at your own risk. It may not be as good as my other examples provided, it may be equally good, though. It just means it is something I don’t draw often or haven’t drawn before and it also helps me learn new things(experimental could take longer).
♥ I will let you know when to proceed with your payment of choice.
♥ I will work in the order I receive payment for the commissions. I will fill the commission list in that order so you have an idea of when your commission will be started.
♥ After receiving full payment I will start working on your commission.
♥ I can take anything from a week to 2+ months to finish your piece, due to health issues I’m sometimes slower than others. You should start counting this time from the moment I start working on your piece. I don’t work on deadlines anymore so please don’t rush me. I will update you when needed.
♥ If you need the piece to be finished for a specific date, plan ahead. My health is not the best so I can’t draw everyday. Regardless, I’ll always do my best!
♥ I’ll send you a rough sketch to confirm the general idea of the piece, any major changes should be mentioned at this point. I’ll send you a cleaner sketch and rough colors, any minor changes can be made at this point. I will proceed to finish the piece after both sketches have been approved. Any revisions after the sketching phase could have an added fee or I may refuse.
♥ After the piece is finished I will send it to you as a digital file. More than one version will be included, both watermarked and unwatermarked. The bigger resolution unwatermarked version is for you to keep, please do not repost this, but feel free to use as profile picture. If you wish to share it please only use the watermarked version, I will most likely post the watermarked smaller size version on my social media, you can re-share from there.
♥The drawing process may also be streamed or turned into a youtube speedpaint. If you wish your commissioned piece to not be posted on any social media or to be kept a secret till a specific time let me know!
♥ I will always sign my pieces, don’t worry my signature is small.


♥ I’m constantly learning, which means my style will change overtime. If you would like a specific style from my previous pieces feel free to request it when placing your order and I'll do my best to provide similar results.

Discord -> Momo#1464
This is the fastest way to get in touch with me, but if you found me through social media you can message me there or you can email me at [email protected]

Thank you so much for considering my art ^^♥!


To order a commission please fill the form.
I'll contact you soon through either Discord or email!

Twitch/Discord Emotes $25 each or x3 $65

Chibilike Icons $25

Anime Icon $25

Waist Up $35

Half Body $45

Full Body $60

Smol Chibi $35

Chubby Chibi $45


♥ Any gender
♥ Kemonomimi
♥ Kigurumi/Onesies/Plushies
♥ Couples
♥ Small pets or creatures


✘ Heavy Gore
✘ Heavy NSFW
✘ Elderly
✘ Extreamly Muscular
✘ Full Mecha


$ Prices listed in USD
$ Paypal or Ko-fi
$ Full amount upfront
$ No refunds
$ Base prices listed


★ Complexity/Detailed: $10-$20
★ Extra character: Double the price minus $5
★ Props such as weapons or pets: $8-$15 each
★ Suggestive NSFW: +50% of the total
( If you want a really sexy pose or outfit the fee MAY apply)